The Potential Impact of a Budtender’s Failure to Maintain Customer’s Privacy: Legal Repercussions, Professional Disciplinary Actions and Other Severe Consequences

With adult-use consumers sometimes speaking to budtenders about medical matters, it is essential that we consider the duty of confidentiality expected from these non-medical professionals. Are there any obligations on a budtender’s part when it comes to protecting and respecting a consumer’s confidential medical information?

Cooperation vs. Competition?

Mendocino farmers, devastated by massive price drops for wholesale flower, have banded together and joined forces with a distributor to survive. By acting cooperatively instead of racing each other to the bottom, they hope to actually make a profit growing regulated cannabis in Northern California. Growers have seen wholesale prices drop below $300/pound which simply […]

Social Consumption in New Mexico?

New Mexico’s brand new adult-use market, which opened for retail sales on 4/01/2022, is fearlessly venturing into the world of social consumption lounges. Perhaps this is appropriate for the Land of Enchantment. Sol Cannabis, located in Las Cruces has opened its doors as the state’s first social consumption lounge. Take a look inside here: […]

State tax policies

Cannabis tax policy varies widely from state to state, and can play a big role in driving the dynamics of a particular market. Everyone reading this knows about 280E, but you should also be watching state tax laws. California has been struggling with taxes imposed on cultivators based on production or canopy, but not sales. […]

Impact? What impact?

Another MA municipality adopts a reasonable policy on cannabis impact fees! Cambridge city council voted unanimously that it would be “just and equitable” to waive impact fees until and unless the city is required to expend funds to mitigate specific impacts from cannabis businesses. Good job, Cambridge! We think this is how the law was […]