Clones, clones, and clones.

Did you know that Massachusetts licensed Marijuana Retail establishments can sell cannabis clones to consumers? Yep, a Retailer may purchase clones from a licensed cultivator and sell them directly to consumers. Even though a clone is not (yet) usable marijuana, it must still be tracked in Metrc. Clones also must be tested for pesticides.

There is a six (6) clone limit per person per day. This makes some sense since six plants is the individual homegrow limit.

Even though this is a living plant and is not intended for consumption, clones must still be packaged and labelled in accordance with 935 CMR 500.105(5)(a) and 935 CMR 500.105(6).

If a clone has, um, expired, or exceeded the shelf life determined by the cultivator, it must be disposed of in compliance with the cannabis waste disposal regulations.