Cooperation vs. Competition?

Mendocino farmers, devastated by massive price drops for wholesale flower, have banded together and joined forces with a distributor to survive. By acting cooperatively instead of racing each other to the bottom, they hope to actually make a profit growing regulated cannabis in Northern California. Growers have seen wholesale prices drop below $300/pound which simply doesn’t cut it. And in California, cultivators are required to use licensed distributors to get their product to market, unlike their neighbors who can sell fruits and veggies at the farmers markets. Incentives and opportunities abound for the distributors to take advantage of the growers. But here we have an example of growers and a distributor working together to lift all boats.

What’s the lesson for the very different Massachusetts weed industry? Even in a highly-regulated industry, there is room for creativity and innovation. Don’t be afraid to try something different. Just be sure to check with your local cannabis attorney first!

Read the whole Sacramento Bee story here:

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