About Courses

We are licensed and accredited by the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC), Massachusetts licensing agency, to provide training courses. We provide the courses required to satisfy educational requirements for certain people in the cannabis industry.The course offerings below are geared to cannabis / marijuana industry professionals in Massachusetts.

Course Offerings


  • 101. RVT – Basic Core Curriculum
  • 102. Non-RVT – Additional 2 hours
  • 103. Non-RVT – Additional 2 hours
  • 104. Non-RVT – Additional 4 hours
  • 201. RVT – Delivery Core Curriculum
  • 202. RVT – Advanced Core Curriculum (cultivation)
  • 203. RVT – Advanced Core Curriculum (product manufacturing)
  • 204. RVT – Advanced Core Curriculum (retail)
  • 205. RVT – Advanced Core Curriculum (transportation)
  • 206. RVT – Advanced Core Curriculum (social consumption)
  • 207. RVT – Advanced Core Curriculum (laboratory science)
  • 208. RVT – Advanced Core Curriculum (energy and environmental best practices)
  • 209. RVT – Advanced Core Curriculum (implicit bias and diversity)
  • 210. RVT – Advanced Core Curriculum (worker safety)
  • 211. RVT – Advanced Core Curriculum (food safety and sanitation)
  • 212. RVT – Advanced Core Curriculum (confidentiality and privacy)
  • 301. Non-RVT – How to Start a Cannabis Business
  • 302. Non-RVT – Cannabis Law: Federal, State, and Local


  • A. In-class, In-person,
  • B. Virtual classroom, Online Synchronous
  • C. Virtual online module, Online Asynchronous

Required Courses

At a minimum, in Massachusetts, Marijuana Establishment Agents shall receive a total of eight hours of training annually. The eight-hour total training requirement shall be tailored to the roles and responsibilities of the job function of each Marijuana Establishment Agent. Note: There is an Exception for Administrative Employees. Marijuana Establishment Agents who serve as administrative employees and do not handle or sell Marijuana are exempt from the four-hour RVT requirement, but may take a Responsible Vendor Training Program course on a voluntary basis as part of fulfilling the eight-hour total training requirement.

A Marijuana Establishment Agent is anyone 21 years of age or older owner who is an employee, executive, or volunteer of a Marijuana Cultivator (Indoor and Outdoor), Craft Marijuana Cooperative, Marijuana Product Manufacturer, Marijuana Microbusiness, Independent Testing Laboratory, Marijuana Retailer, Marijuana Transporter, Delivery Licensee, Marijuana Research Facility Licensee, Social Consumption Establishment or any other type of licensed Marijuana-related business, except a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center.

A minimum of four hours of training shall be from Responsible Vendor Training Program courses established under 935 CMR 500.105(2)(b). Any additional RVT hours over the four-hour RVT requirement may count toward the eight-hour total training requirement.

Non-RVT training may be conducted in-house by the Marijuana Establishment or by a third-party vendor engaged by the Marijuana Establishment. Basic on-the-job training Marijuana Establishments provide in the ordinary course of business may be counted toward the eight-hour total training requirement.

Agents responsible for tracking and entering product into the Seed-to-sale SOR shall receive training in a form and manner determined by the Commission. At a minimum, staff shall receive eight hours of on-going training annually.

An individual who is both a Marijuana Establishment Agent and MTC Agent at a CMO location shall receive the training required for each license under which the agent is registered including, without limitation, with respect to patient privacy and confidentiality requirements, which may result in instances that would require such an agent to participate in more than eight hours of training.

Marijuana Establishment Agents shall first take the Basic Core Curriculum. On completing the Basic Core Curriculum, a Marijuana Establishment Agent is eligible to take the Advanced Core Curriculum.

Once a Marijuana Establishment is designated a Responsible Vendor, all Marijuana Establishment Agents employed by the Marijuana Establishment that are involved in the handling or sale of Marijuana for adult use shall successfully complete the Basic Core Curriculum within 90 days of hire.

After successful completion of the Basic Core Curriculum, each Marijuana Establishment Agent involved in the handling or sale of Marijuana for adult use shall fulfill the four-hour RVT requirement every year thereafter for the Marijuana Establishment to maintain designation as a Responsible Vendor. Failure to maintain Responsible Vendor status is grounds for action by the Commission.