Questions and Answers concerning Responsible Vendor Training

What is Responsible Vendor Training?

Responsible Vendor Training, or RVT, is a program that provides basic and essential education to business owners and employees in the Massachusetts cannabis industry. The Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) requires that all Agents take RVT from CCC certified trainers.

Who has to take Responsible Vendor Training?

All marijuana Agents who handle or sell marijuana are required to take a four-hour RVT course within 90 days of hire and annually thereafter. Administrative employees who do not handle or sell marijuana may take the RVT course voluntarily.

Are marijuana Agents required to take any training in addition to RVT?

All marijuana Agents are required by the CCC to complete eight hours of training annually. The RVT course counts for at least fours of this training. Agents may receive the remainder of their training hours from RVT certified trainers, from other third party vendors, or from in-house training.

Willow Street Legal can help you meet your training requirements, whether it be only the four-hour minimum or the full eight hours of training.

Are there consequences for not completing Responsible Vendor Training?

Yes. If a licensed marijuana establishment fails to comply with the training requirements for its Agents, the CCC may take enforcement action including suspension or revocation of the license.

Willow Street Legal can track the dates of all your Agents’ trainings and ensure that your compliance does not lapse. We will maintain all necessary records for at least four years so that we can document your compliance to the CCC.

Who can be a Responsible Vendor Trainer?

Responsible Vendor Trainers must be independent from marijuana establishments. RVT owners and employees are prohibited from having any controlling interest in a licensed marijuana establishment.

Willow Street Legal’s founders are cannabis attorneys that provide legal services to cannabis businesses, but unlike many law firms and consultants, we never take an ownership stake in any business we serve. By maintaining our independence, we prevent conflicts of interest and maintain the highest level of integrity.

Who determines the content of the RVT course?

The CCC has prescribed the topics that must be taught in any RVT course. Responsible Vendor Trainers must submit their course materials for CCC review and approval in order to be certified.

Willow Street Legal was certified to provide Responsible Vendor Training on 9/17/2021.

What topics are addressed in Responsible Vendor Training?

Currently, Agents are only required to take the Basic Core Curriculum. The Basic Core Curriculum covers:
– Marijuana’s effect on the human body
– Diversion prevention and prevention of sales to minors
– Tracking compliance
– Verifying identification
– Key state laws and regulations affecting Marijuana Establishment Agents

What is the Advanced Core Curriculum?

Current CCC regulations require than an Advanced Core Curriculum be available for certification by July 2022. Advanced topics include:
– Cultivation
– Product manufacturing
– Retail
– Transportation
– Social consumption
– Laboratory science
– Energy and environmental best practices
– Social justice and economically reparative practices
– Implicit bias and diversity training
– Worker safety
– Food safety and sanitation
– Confidentiality and privacy
– In depth coverage of topics taught in Basic Core Curriculum

What about training on Delivery?

CCC regulations provide for a Delivery Core Curriculum. The CCC anticipates approving the Delivery course by July 2022.
Willow Street Legal incorporates safe delivery practices into our Basic Core Curriculum training.

What’s the easiest way to train all of your Agents?

We are happy to work with you to arrange virtual, in-person, on-site, or a mixture of trainings to ensure all of your Agents receive the required training. We can keep track of each Agent’s compliance and ensure all trainings are kept up to date. We offer group rates and other discounts. Please give us a call for more information.