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The Potential Impact of a Budtender’s Failure to Maintain Customer’s Privacy: Legal Repercussions, Professional Disciplinary Actions and Other Severe Consequences

With adult-use consumers sometimes speaking to budtenders about medical matters, it is essential that we consider the duty of confidentiality expected from these non-medical professionals. Are there any obligations on a budtender’s part when it comes to protecting and respecting a consumer’s confidential medical information?

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Cooperation vs. Competition?

Mendocino farmers, devastated by massive price drops for wholesale flower, have banded together and joined forces with a distributor to survive. By acting cooperatively instead of racing each other to

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Social Consumption in New Mexico?

New Mexico’s brand new adult-use market, which opened for retail sales on 4/01/2022, is fearlessly venturing into the world of social consumption lounges. Perhaps this is appropriate for the Land

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State tax policies

Cannabis tax policy varies widely from state to state, and can play a big role in driving the dynamics of a particular market. Everyone reading this knows about 280E, but

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Impact? What impact?

Another MA municipality adopts a reasonable policy on cannabis impact fees! Cambridge city council voted unanimously that it would be “just and equitable” to waive impact fees until and unless

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