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News, Updates, and Blog

Interstate Commerce

Let’s talk about intestate commerce for a second. We have previously opined that federal legalization will NOT be the way that interstate commerce commences. Rather, there will be some form

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Strains, strains, strains

You know how everyone agrees that indica/sativa isn’t a very useful way of classifying cannabis, but everyone keeps using those labels anyway? Maybe that’s about to change… The Emerald Cup

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New York update

New York is racing to have adult-use cannabis on the shelves this year, with equity and environmental responsibility. What does this mean for your licensed business in MA? The NY

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New Hampshire update

Are you sure New Hampshire is “Live free or die”? Some state reps have introduced a bill (HB 1598) that would legalize commercial sales of cannabis… BUT only within a

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Connecticut update

Massachusetts retail licensees should be paying attention to what’s happening in neighboring states. This will affect your business regardless of federal legalization. This article (linked below) says that 40% of

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Residency Requirements

The litigation continues in Maine with MSO Acreage Holdings (and it’s local target company) arguing in the First Circuit that “if not for the residency requirement, Maine would be part

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