RVT Crackdown Coming?

Is the CCC going to crack down on RVT compliance? Are your agent registrations or even your license at risk if you’re not RVT certified? Yep. Read on:

If you watched the CCC meeting yesterday, you might have heard Commissioner Roy voice her dissatisfaction with the 50% (yep, fifty percent) compliance rate for RVT certification of registered agents.

This wasn’t the first time in recent months the Commission has addressed the issue. During the 11/18/21 meeting the following was said (as per the minutes):

“Commissioner Roy requested a condition to apply to all adult-use licenses, stating that the Responsible Vendor Training program is a mandatory curriculum for all employees involved in the handling or sale of marijuana. To date, compliance of this mandate is only at 50% within the Massachusetts Cannabis industry — less than 12,000 industry employees have completed the RVT Basic Core Curriculum. A recent data pull shows that this percentage may be even lower. This is a reminder that failure to maintain Responsible Vendor status is grounds for action by the Commission.
Proposed condition: Prior to Final application for Licensure, all provisional licensees shall ensure that all persons having direct or indirect control over the license, and all newly hired employees involved in the handling or sale of marijuana or marijuana products, successfully complete the Basic Core Curriculum of the Responsible Vendor Training Program and subsequently provide a “certificate of completion” to the Commission for each individual within 90 days of hire to be in compliance with 935 CMR 500.105(2) or 935 CMR 501.105(2).
Commissioner Stebbins echoed Commissioner Roy’s comments and stressed the importance of Responsible Vendor Training for public health, safety, and welfare.”

If some of your staff is not yet certified, give us a call and get it taken care of.