We are an education provider licensed by the Cannabis Control Commission to provide responsible vendor training to marijuana establishment agents in Massachusetts.

We are also cannabis law attorneys highly experienced in the business formation, the local permitting, the state licensing, and the interpretation of state law and regulations necessary to operate a successful cannabis business in Massachusetts. We provide responsible vendor training to individual agents and entire teams to ensure your success. This training is an investment in your career and your business.

Marvin Cable, Esq.

Marvin has been involved in Massachusetts marijuana law and policy since before it was legal. Marvin is experienced in business law, criminal law, intellectual property, and technology law, and teaches law at UMass Amherst. In 2016, Marvin sued the Massachusetts State Police in a suit that is credited for pushing the needle in favor of legalization. In 2014, Marvin joined the NORML (National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws) as a legal committee member. Marvin was instrumental in the legalization of cannabis in Massachusetts - he's been there from the beginning! Since legalization, Marvin has been counsel to numerous cannabis retail, cultivation, product manufacturer and business establishments.

Kyle Sosebee, Esq.

Kyle has experience in litigation, business law, family law, appeals, and is licensed in both Massachusetts and New York. Kyle has been working in cannabis law since moving to Massachusetts in 2019. Kyle grew up in Colorado, playing in the alpine wilderness. He earned a degree in Philosophy before moving to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. From there, Kyle moved to Humboldt County, California (shout out to Blue Lake!). Although this was before adult use legalization, Kyle saw in Humboldt an example of what cannabis normalization could look like and what it means for cannabis to be a foundation of the local economy and a cash crop for farmers. From Humboldt, Kyle moved to San Francisco and earned a law degree, and then to Brooklyn, NY, where he spent 13 years litigating child abuse cases in the trenches of Family Court, as well as handling diverse matters involving First Amendment issues, animal rights, environmental law, art, non-profits, and appeals. Seeking a change of pace, Kyle and his family moved to Western Mass where he now spends most of his time practicing cannabis law.