A regulated industry without seed-to-sale tracking? Is it okay or OK? (Hint: it’s Oklahoma).

If you like to compare and contrast state cannabis regulatory policies, you’ve probably had your eye on the wild west frontier of Oklahoma. A land of such minimal red tape and regulation that although there is only a medical program, and the state population is only about 4 million, there are over 8,000 licensed grows and 2,251 dispensaries.

Those numbers add up to many things, including diversion. Lawmakers and regulators are not entirely blind to this and have been trying to patch up the regulatory cracks.

The regulators won a small victory in getting a restraining order lifted that will allow them to implement Metrc seed-to-sale tracking in May. Yep, you heard that right: Oklahoma has so far not had any seed-to-sale tracking, in part because a licensee sued the state alleging that it was allowing a monopoly by requiring the use of Metrc.

We will be watching with interest to see how Metrc affects the OK industry.