Strains, strains, strains

You know how everyone agrees that indica/sativa isn’t a very useful way of classifying cannabis, but everyone keeps using those labels anyway? Maybe that’s about to change…

The Emerald Cup recently announced that it will be using a new classification system. There are six different categories, with tasting notes, effects, representative strains, and terpene profiles for each.

Categories include Jacks & Haze, Tropical & Floral, OGs & Gas, Sweets & Dreams, Dessert, and Exotics.

This seems like a great start to providing some meaningful order to the many, many different strains that are out there. And a way for consumers to quickly figure out what they like.

Has anyone seen this system adopted in other places?

If you’re in the Massachusetts industry, would you want to see this system discussed in the RVT Advanced Curriculums?